About Us

Everest House (PVT) Ltd

With the passion of delivering the delicious tasty cakes to the customers, the first Everest House has been started in 2017. Since its inception, Everest House is continuously incorporating the new trends to the cake market. Further especially, the demand for the cakes has been pushed by Everest House. As a result of that, there are eight branches have been established within a short period of time, and Everest House has been registered as “Everest House Private Limited”. According to the customer request, the Everest House has extended their services to Everest Gift items as well as Everest Decoration & Everest Designing services. “Best customer service” is the core competency for our business. Everest House has more than 300 different types of cakes and Everest House hopes to deliver more new types of cakes in future.

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